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SIMVISION represents experience and competence in production of simulators for civil and military purposes. Company´s philosophy is to provide its customers with complete training solutions to achieve best results of the trainees.

 - In 2005 SIMVISION established a close cooperation with the traditional manufacturer of flight simulators LETOV SIMULATORY with its nearly 45 years of experience. Moreover 500 simulators and other flight training devices (STD´s) for civil and military aviation have been produced.

 - In the same year SIMVISION established a co-operation with VIRTUAL REALITY MEDIA. This company has 13 years of experience in production of simulators. SIMVISION is powered by VRM.

 - In 2008 a close cooperation with the sister company SKYLEADER was established. This company is manufacturer of Light Sport Aircraft and aeronautical supplier for Airbus. Its experience is a effective support for the SIMVISION GROUP.

 - In 2009 an exclusive cooperation with the ERM company was established. ERM is long-time experienced in development and production of different simulation systems.

These references prove SIMVISION to be one of the most experienced simulator companies worldwide.

The core of company's business is delivery of simulator system, especially flight simulators. Most of these products feature complex combination of electric and mechanical systems, hydraulics, optics and further systems controlled by computers in real time applications, with aim to provide for a high level of training skills transfer from a simulator to the applicable aircraft, along with total psychological effects on the person being trained.

The reliability of individual structural elements of the simulators is verified in realistic and long-term operations. All aviation STD´s can be certified according to JAR/FAR regulations or country certification of military devices.